What to expect

Whether you are new to therapy, or you have seen someone before, it can be helpful to know what to expect.

Our first phone call is your chance to just briefly get to know me and decide if you want to make our first appointment.  You are welcome to ask any questions that you might initially have to decide if you want to schedule an in person session.


In our first session we will go over things that you are facing right now, as well as do a general overview of other aspects of your life. At the end we will review how our first meeting went and decide if we want to continue. We can review what you are facing, and start to develop a plan. 

After this, we will meet for regular therapy sessions. Weekly is typically recommended for steady progress, but we can discuss more or less frequent sessions depending on your situation. There are times when we might discuss whether medication will help.  We will know when therapy is done when you feel better, are reaching your goals, and are feeling like your life is headed in a direction that is right for you. 

** Please note, that I schedule DAYTIME APPOINTMENTS ONLY **