Fees and Payment

I care about the cost of therapy, and do my best to make sessions affordable.  First, if you are confused about your insurance, don't worry, I am happy to find out your benefits and explain them thoroughly to you.  Also, I include therapy billing services to anyone who sees me whether they are using in-network or out-of-network benefits.

There are three possibilities regarding cost:

1. IN-NETWORK INSURANCE - I am in-network for several insurance programs: BCBS (PPO, not HMO), EHP, Tricare, Value Options/Beacon Health. For these, your costs would first be a deductible if you have one, and then a copay. Copays are typically under $25/session. 

2. OUT-OF-NETWORK INSURANCE - Many people have great out-of-network benefits that can make therapy more affordable than they expected. If you do want me to do the billing for you, this means that you will only pay me the difference.

3. PRIVATE PAY - There are many reasons why you may want to pay directly without billing any insurance, including privacy or if I am not in-network for your insurance, and you do not have out of network coverage. In this case, you would pay the full fee directly to me. 


Initial session:     $150 (full hour)

45-min session:  $120 (typical session)

60-min session:  $150 (extended session)